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Blog Traffic; Best sources that will rock in 2019

Did you get huge blog traffic in 2018? If your answer is no,then this post will help you improve in 2019. If your answer is yes then it will also help you maintain your high traffic in 2019. Most of the bloggers have good content but get low traffic.This is because they are not good […]

5 hacks on how to become a successful social Media Strategist/influencer.

Want to become a social media influencer/strategist but you have no idea how to start?Then worry no more these hacks  will help you  kick start your journey/career as a social media strategist.First you need to know  who a social media strategist really is what it really takes to become one.In simple terms a social media […]

How to grow your Twitter followers. 

Having trouble getting more followers on Twitter? Don’t worry because I’ll help you double your current number. First you  need to understand that only twelebs get automated followers  just because they are popular.Then how do you gain more if you  ain’t  popular? In this case you  need to share awesome content and become very active […]