Facebook,Twitter launch new Ad transparency tool.

Their is no doubt that social media has taken control of the advertisement industry.Did you know that we spend 28% of the total internet time browsing the social networks? The reason why advertisers are running more ads on social media is because of the good conversion rates and impressions they get. Facebook and twitter are […]

5 Bitcoin facts that you should know.

For starters let us look at what Bitcoin means and how it works. It is a type of cryptocurrency or a digital currency that is transferred electronically on a blockchain without central banks or any administrators. Bitcoin was founded by unknown individual or group of software developers that used the name Satashi Nakamoto. This system […]

5 best animated comedy series that will make you forget all your problems.

Which are the best comedy animated series to watch ? After a long week of work or school the best way to rest is by watching a nice funny animation that will make you make laugh until you hurt your ribs. These 5 animations will keep you glued to the screen until you forget everything […]

How to apply for Google AdSense and how to qualify for approval and verification.

What is Google AdSense in the first place? This is a program ran by google to place advertisements on publishers websites or YouTube videos. A publisher is someone that has a website or a YouTube channel connected to Google AdSense. Read also How to create a blog website, painless guide. It’s one of the best […]

The top Siri-like AI personal assistants for Android that you have to try.

One thing that attracts most of us to the Apple products is the AI personal assistant Siri. Personally, the personal assistant is what fascinates me. Siri will do a bunch stuff for you. It can make calls for you, text for you, set reminders, web search, help you navigate new places, do conversions i.e. miles […]

How to signup for the Jumia Affiliate program, build product links and banners

What is Jumia affiliate program?This is a marketing strategy introduced by Jumia to step up it’s sales.So how does it work?Once you sign up for the affiliate program,you are assigned a special link,that can be customized for any product that you want to sell.This is the link that you forward to people and when they […]

5 Apps that can earn you Legit money online in Kenya

These are some of the few apps that you can earn money online in Kenya from. 1.Branch International. This is a lending app that allows someone to earn money online by inviting friends to use the app. It pays KES 400 per invite. I understand that one can build a credit score of up-to KSH. […]

OPPO F7 Features, Price and specifications in Kenya

  Oppo F7 is Finally here and it has very  cool features that I’ve fallen madly in love with it.Their are Four features that you will find irresistible with this phone.Front Camera which is 25MP, internal storage of 64GB and the 4GB RAM. The phone has a unique sleek design and it can suite anyone […]

Key progamming languages and tools for Web Development.

What shoots in your mind every time when you come across web development ?Did you know that web development is one of the most rewarding careers? Take a look at the giant tech industries like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Uber. Most of them started as mere Websites developed by young people but now we call […]

5 hacks on how to become a successful social Media Strategist/influencer.

Want to become a social media influencer/strategist but you have no idea how to start?Then worry no more these hacks  will help you  kick start your journey/career as a social media strategist.First you need to know  who a social media strategist really is what it really takes to become one.In simple terms a social media […]