Their is no doubt that social media has taken control of the advertisement industry.Did you know that we spend 28% of the total internet time browsing the social networks? The reason why advertisers are running more ads on social media is because of the good conversion rates and impressions they get. Facebook and twitter are the most used social media platforms in the world. Facebook has about 1.86 billion while twitter has close to 350 million active monthly users. After Google, facebook is the second biggest ad network in the world and the most affordable too.Twitter ads are doing good too because of the high coverssion rate.Social Media advertising is important to ran targeted ads because they have more data including age, location and intrests. let’s now see the new Ad features rolled out by Twitter and facebook.


The new tool will allow users to see who is behind the ad,how much it cost and who it reached.The big question now is about the data provided by facebook on the ads. How transparent is it? Facebook also recently introduced a new feature that serves ads in the Messenger.Advertisers on facebook can customize their target options using the users purchasing patterns an much more. Facebook is the most suitable platform for targeted advertising.


Users will be able to search for any Twitter account and then see all the ads it has ran over the last seven days. This is the transparancy that advertisers deserve because their money is well spent.Their is no need of repeating the same advertisement since it will be available for the next seven days.Advertisers will take the advantage to advertise different products or features.I’ts a win win for both Twitter and the advertisers.favourite social media platform is definitely twitter and I’m happy to see it rolling out new tools like this one. Things keep getting better every day.

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