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Azure Stack: launched in East Africa by Liquid Telcom

Liquid Telecom Kenya lanced a Microsoft Cloud service ( Azure stack) in East Africa that allows a step-change in cybersecurity for the region’s most sensitive databases. The latest Azure Stack service will enable companies to run a hidden Microsoft cloud within East Africa, rather than at one of Microsoft’s 54 public data centers commissioned outside […]

Citron Report Says Jumia is a worthless fraud

Recently, Jumia, the popular e-commerce site, was listed at the greatest stock exchange, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The stock did very fine at the beginning where it advanced up by 75% on the first day but then fell because of a release made by Citron Research which accused them of fraud. The company […]

Best Silicon Valley startups to watch in 2019 and 2020.

Notwithstanding the pervasiveness of surfacing startup ecosystems from Singapore to Santiago, and the distinct media article claiming the bubble has burst, entrepreneurs continue to flock here. Could they obtain necessary capital elsewhere? Apparently. Could they find a higher intensity of like-minded, supportive people elsewhere? Apparently not. You would be hard-pressed to get as many tech-savvy […]

top 10 award winning apps in 2018

With more than 3.5 million applications in the Google Play Store, not exclusively is portable application improvement moving in an upward direction yet additionally making everybody so confounded on which application to download and which plays out the best. So rather than you attempting distinctive changes and blends, we are here with probably the best […]

How to Change your Browser’s Geo-location.

In some of our many adventures into the internet we end up disappointed when we find the “This product/offer is not available in your region.” error. This error will appear when trying to access media streaming sites that are geo-restricted i.e. Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc, or even on survey reward websites such as Swag bucks […]


Ohhhhh, what now? we have a screen notch on this one too. Let’s not be too dramatic here, well we at safigeek were just excited about the google pixel 3. Well, we gotta admit its worth the excitement, google does not disappoint on this one though. We do expect it to launch on  October 9, 2018, […]

Oppo F9; News, Price and Specifications.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9; News,Price,features and specs in Kenya.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is enough proof as to why Samsung is the best smartphone maker in the world. Every new release is a hit because of its unique design and new features  in the smartphone market. So whats new this time? Their has been a big upgrade on the battery capacity, from Note 8’s […]

Cloud computing; All you need to know.

Looks like its gonna rain 0’s and 1’s today, boot up your machines people, the clouds are heavy. Simply put, cloud computing is the use of computing services like storage, servers, processing and running software over the internet also refereed to as the ” cloud “. Over the internet, we use cloud computing services everyday. […]


“Awwwwww!”, I know , that screen right? Introducing the Oppo Find X people, from of course Oppo. We all know Oppo delivers stunning devices, this one was not an exception. Today lets take a review of the Find X and see what we can find out 🙂 . The first thing you will of course […]