Best Silicon Valley startups to watch in 2019 and 2020.
Oracle is one Of the top Silicon Valley startups

Best Silicon Valley startups to watch in 2019 and 2020.

Notwithstanding the pervasiveness of surfacing startup ecosystems from Singapore to Santiago, and the distinct media article claiming the bubble has burst, entrepreneurs continue to flock here. Could they obtain necessary capital elsewhere? Apparently. Could they find a higher intensity of like-minded, supportive people elsewhere? Apparently not.

You would be hard-pressed to get as many tech-savvy individuals who are enthusiastic about contemplating outside the box, dreaming big, and disrupting the status quo as in Silicon Valley. As The Harvard Business Review recently noted, the backbone of Silicon Valley’s hard-to-replicate culture is an unprecedented level of grit:

“What stood out for us in these businesses is the day-to-day persistence to see something through despite near-constant failure. We found people at all levels to be particularly levelheaded about failure and pleased with the inherent messiness of experimentation.” – HBR contributors Heitor Martins, Yran Bartolomeu Dias, and Somesh Khann
In this article, we’ll be highlighting seven Silicon Valley tech startups who are manifesting the kind of forward thinking and exponential extension that has made Silicon Valley greREAD ALSO: WHAT IS SD-WAN

The Best Silicon Valley Techology Startups to Watch in 2019 and 2020


Nurx is advancing women’s access to birth control through an easy-to-use digital application. This accessory gives users the ability to simply inquire a prescription online. The prescription is then delivered proper to their door.

“We discerned there were certain things people needed to be done in healthcare rather than research them and birth control is unquestionably one of those,” cofounder Han Gangeskar told TechCrunch. “Everyone we spoke with, friends of friends said friends called them with a birth control prescription emergency.”

For users with health insurance, birth control is free. Additionally, for those without health insurance, contraceptives start at $15 per month. The application is currently accessible in more than 15 states. In 2019, Nurx will proceed to make major interruptions in women’s health through their first-of-its-kind birth charge subscription service.

Founders: Hans Gangeskar and Dr. Edvard Engesaeth

Total Equity Funding: $41.4M


Shippo enables users to save time and money with cloud-based shipping software. This easy-to-use tool helps customers get rates, print labels, track packages, and more. Shippo sustains more than 35,000 customers including retailers, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and logistics providers.

“Shippo’s product is a computerized system that companies can implement in order to provide users with a wide variation of shipping options from e-commerce sites,” says Blair Hanley Frank, contributor at VentureBeat. “The company is able to set its customers up with easy access to several different shipping providers, rather than ordering firms to implement various systems.”

Shippo joins Square, Stripe, Shopify, and others working to revolutionize the shipping industry.

Founders: Laura Behrens and Simon Kreuz

Total Equity Funding: $29.3M


Gladly enables manufacturers to create highly-personalized experiences for customers. From retail and hospitality to travel and finance, Gladly provides a targeted solution to build better relationships with customers. With Gladly, joining customers to the best customer support agent is simple. Moreover, agents have all the tools and information they need to support customers quickly and efficiently.

The San Francisco-based tech startup was nurtured by Greylock Partners in 2015. To date, Gladly has raised a total of $63 million and employs more than 50 people.

Founders: Michael Wolfe, Dirk Kessler, Joseph Ansanelli,

Total Equity Funding: $63M

Biome Makers

Born in Silicon Valley, Biome Makers is a biotech company that concentrates in the identification and understanding of the microbiome. The company uses DNA sequencing technologies and proprietary Intelligent Computing systems that let users improve agricultural production and quality of their products. Biome Makers affects the following areas:

Reducing reliance on chemicals
Decreasing the impact of diseases
Making solutions based on microorganisms
Recently, the company was named as one of the Top 10 U.S. Terroirs.

“The company assumes that vineyard microorganisms should be put to use to the winemaker’s advantage. The biotechnology startup derives its name from the word, biome: a complex biotic community distinguished by distinctive plant and animal species unique to the climate and soil of a region,” reports Thomas Pellechia, contributor at Forbes.

Founders: Adrian Ferrero, Alberto Acedo

Total Equity Funding: $2.3M

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impact vision

ImpactVision is on a mission to build a more transparent and secure global food system through “hyperspectral technology.” This technology combines the power of digital imaging with a chemical technique called “spectroscopy.” Users can easily take a picture of the food and understand its unique composition including nutritional content, proteins, fats, freshness levels sugar, and moisture levels.

Benefits of the tool include:

Replaces destructive sampling techniques
Reduces waste and increases the quality
Integrates in-line production facilities and distribution
Increases transparency
Enhances brand value
“What we are doing is giving a rapid and non-invasive mechanism to evaluate food quality during the generation process, and in real time,” says Abi Ramanan, CEO at ImpactVision.

Founders: Abi Ramanan, Gustav Nipe

Total Equity Funding: $1.4M uses blockchain technology and the Internet of Things to transform the digital food supply chain. This technology gives users the ability to learn more about the quality of their food, where it was produced, and more. Additionally, growers can use this technology to automate domestic processes and meet market needs around raising high quality and sustainable products. impacts the following areas:

Supply chain tracking and visibility
Secure data aggregation and sharing
Brand quality and trust verification
Scaleable blockchain, sensor, and Internet of Things integration
Founders: Raja Ramachandran

Total Equity Funding: No Information Available

Biomarker Labs

Biomarker provides customers with real-time and data-driven access to health supplements. The company estimates users’ symptoms, health metrics, and other contextual data to match them with high-quality and beneficial nutritional supplements.

“The sheer number of complement users with smartphones and wearables around the globe means that we can gather data in bigger numbers than ever. Data can also be collected with far more regularity — hourly or even minute by minute,” says Biomarker. “With every new user, Biomarker obtains new insights about how people respond to supplements. More users mean more data and more meaningful results. The biomarker is already generating insights and discoveries from millions of data points gathered from thousands of supplement users.”

Founders: Garrett Ruhland

Total Equity Funding: No Information Available

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The Silicon Valley tech startups that generate the most buzz are the ones who create something so useful that people can’t imagine how they previously lived without it. And that requires tapping into the right idea, at the right time, with the right people.

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