Month: May 2017

Cloud computing; All you need to know.

Looks like its gonna rain 0’s and 1’s today, boot up your machines people, the clouds are heavy. Simply put, cloud computing is the use of computing services like storage, servers, processing and running software over the internet also refereed to as the ” cloud “. Over the internet, we use cloud computing services everyday. […]

Hybrid apps vs Web apps

Hybrid apps? Web apps? Wait! we have hybrid apps? Well, if you have been around this web 2.0 era , then you have heard of hybrid apps. If not, don’t worry this article will surely define the basics of both web and hybrid apps and the differences. Stick around 🙂 . Hybrid apps I wanted […]


“Awwwwww!”, I know , that screen right? Introducing the Oppo Find X people, from of course Oppo. We all know Oppo delivers stunning devices, this one was not an exception. Today lets take a review of the Find X and see what we can find out 🙂 . The first thing you will of course […]

FIFA 19: Release date,cover,price and new playing modes

FIFA 19  is the most anticipated video game release of 2018. This time we expect to see a big change from the previous past releases. The game will have new features and playing modes that will excite gamers. On the cover page we have Cristiano Ronaldo but this time he has bee joined by Neymar.  […]

Become a web apps developer

mmhhh!, web apps or websites. After taking a closer look at what i have been building and listening to other developers opinions, it was clear that , web apps are programs running on the browser that are interactive and designed to solve a specific problem, websites on the other hand are simply a collection of […]

Front end vs Back end Development

Front end and Back end development could be said to be two halves when it comes to web development.Both fields are also very much diverse in their own rights. There are a lot of tools, frameworks and languages out there that aid in development. Front end development When we talk of front end we generally […]

Best free blog traffic sources.

Free blog traffic is what determines how influential a blogger is. Sponsored ads are good too but free blog traffic gives better results.So where can you get this free blog traffic? Here are some of the best sources that you can count on.  Facebook Facebook is the most used social media platform with close to […]