Month: May 2017

10 reasons why you are losing large blog traffic everyday.

Blog traffic is more important than any other factor in every bloggers’ career,in fact without it then their is no need of starting a blog in the first place. It’s very painful to get a huge amount of blog traffic and then lose like half of it or even more due to some things that […]

5 Best Smart watches under $100 you should consider buying

Let’s face it we are in a dawning age of technology and we all want a piece of it, and smart watches play a role in gearing us deeper into the tech revolution and  make life easier. With the high need of staying connected we need our devices to be as portable as possible. You don’t […]

Facebook,Twitter launch new Ad transparency tool.

Their is no doubt that social media has taken control of the advertisement industry.Did you know that we spend 28% of the total internet time browsing the social networks? The reason why advertisers are running more ads on social media is because of the good conversion rates and impressions they get. Facebook and twitter are […]