Month: May 2017

5 hacks on how to become a successful social Media Strategist/influencer.

Want to become a social media influencer/strategist but you have no idea how to start?Then worry no more these hacks  will help you  kick start your journey/career as a social media strategist.First you need to know  who a social media strategist really is what it really takes to become one.In simple terms a social media […]

10 Apps Every Blogger Should have.

There are basic apps that help bloggers to succeed in every way possible. Some of these apps help bloggers in SEO,Marketing content as well as building a fanbase. If your reading this and you are not yet a blogger then you should first read  How to create a blog website, painless guide. ,before getting to see […]

How to choose the Best Network Marketing Company to join.

      Making money online can be overwhelming with so many opportunities .Network marketing is a good way to earn money online but you need to have the following things in mind before making your final decision to join in any of them. First you need to know how it works. Making money from […]

Cross mobile money transfer is now available across Mpesa and AirtelMoney

        Safaricom PLC, Airtel Networks Kenya and, Telkom Kenya (formerly Orange Kenya) are the major telco companies in Kenya. Safaricom happens to dominate this industry with over 20 million customers because of its excellent and vast network coverage but the main reason of its dominance is because of its mobile money transfer […]

Ways to make money on socialmedia that will blow up your mind.

Have you ever made money on social-media? Well it’s about time we all  made something useful from social media, not just sitting down and scrolling to see shit the whole day. More social media enthusiasts are making a fortune out of social media, while what some of us do is make Mark Zuckerberg and his […]

How to create a free blog today.

  We all have done it because publishing some content on your social media accounts is somehow like blogging, writing awesome content for your readers to gain value. The only difference is that we blog to make money while we use Facebook and the rest of social media  to pass time. So there is nothing […]